Our Puppies

Puppy Care
The puppies are bathed often and grooming begins at 5 weeks of age. They will have been dewormed and had their Kennel Cough vaccination and their first puppy shot before they leave. Our puppies are also micro-chipped.

AKC Registration
All of our dogs are AKC registered and so are their puppies. However, with the rare exception of breeders that we are familiar with, we will not sell the puppies with Full AKC registration. Puppies will come with Limited AKC registration AND a Spay/Neuter agreement. The Limited paperwork will be mailed AFTER spay/neuter has been confirmed. The only difference between Full and Limited Reg. is that the dog cannot be shown in the AKC confirmation ring and the dog's puppies (should it have any) cannot be registered with AKC. This in no way affects the quality of the dog or it's ability to be an amazing addition to your family.

We do offer shipping in the USA. Air transportation is usually around $325 for an 8 week old, more for larger puppies. Ground transportation costs vary greatly and it is the buyer's responsibility to make those arrangements. Buyers are responsible for all shipping costs. We will also travel short distances to meet buyers when possible. Make your own website